Originating in 1999 out of a desire to supply the bath and body markets with the best products we can produce, Änders Natural Søap Co, Inc. has evolved into a natural company with an emphasis on quality effective bath and body products at a reasonable price. We will never cut corners on quality.

Based in Raleigh NC with one foot in Scandinavia, we aim to formulate natural products with natural and organic ingredients from the Nordic regions of the world along with other multiple natural sources from all over the world.

Our focus is not to reduce the quality of our raw materials to improve our financial bottom line, but we always search for higher quality ingredients to improve the overall effectiveness of our bath and body products; For instance we now only use organic base oils in the manufacture of all of our products. We use organic EO’s wherever possible and we source our ingredients from “Fair Trade” organizations whenever possible. We constantly are looking at ways to simplify our business through the design of our packaging and the simplification of our internal business processes.

We believe in “Truth in Labeling” so if it was formulated into the product, it will be listed on the label. We pride ourselves on what’s inside of the package, so we are proud to tell you what’s there. We use organic extra virgin olive oil along with organic base oils of coconut and palm in our natural soaps. We use organic jojoba oil as the base oil in all of our moisturizing products and none of our preservatives contain sulfates or parabens. We welcome you to indulge in and enjoy our full line of natural bath and body products.

Mike + Patricia Anderson
Änders Natural Søap Co, Inc.